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Lecture 11

Bio Lecture 11 Respiration part 2.docx

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Biology 1002B
Denis Maxwell

20110213 Lecture 11 Respiration II Structure of mitochondria The electron transport chainOccurs on the inner mitochondria membraneMany genes go into building this complex40 proteins go into assembling this complexAll the carbons have been oxidized o NADH dehydrogenaseQubiquinone o Cytochrome complexCyt Ccytochrome c o Cytochromchrom oxidaseNADH donates the e and shuttles all the way down to combine with oxygen to form HO 2Why do the electrons moveNADH is easily oxidized negative redox potential and oxygen is very electronegative and have a very positive redox potentialProteins function by binding the cofactors to themselves it is the cofactor that get reducedOxygen is the terminal electron receptor of respiration o Because it is strongly electronegative o A very good oxidizing molecule Chemiosmosis linking a proton gradient to workEstablishing a proton gradient across the membrane called the protonmotive force o How much energy there is to do work o Protons accumulate at the intermembrane space o Potential energy is created through this gradientEnergy can be used for transportThe energy from the proton gradient comes in two things 1 Concentration is different 2 Electrical gradient difference in charge o Both factors contribute to the PMF PMF160mV 597080
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