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Lecture 19

Lecture 19 - Gene Mutation

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Biology 1002B
Niki Sharan

Gene MutationTelomerase will do the trick it has its own template built in a length of RNA that provides the needed template in order to make DNA to elongate the three prime endo Telomerase can only add DNA complimentary to the what it had the RNA template o Once it finishes one sequence it just moves down and does it again o Thats why completed DNA has repeats at the end of their sequences Telomere is the end of the DNA strand that had multiple repeating bases that the Telomerase binds to Now that telomerase has made and has added complimentary base pairs to the end the strand the DNA can then begin to replicate at the newly formed three prime end Telomerase adds DNA to the end of chromosomes controlling the shortening caused my DNA replicationTelomerase does not prevent the mechanism that causes your chromosomes to shorten DNA will shorten no matter what What telomerase does is adds DNA to the end of chromosomes such that the shorten doesnt matter its controlled Your telomere is a way for your cell to tell how old it is it isnt a way to protect the more valuable DNA it just tells the cell the age of the DNA Every time your DNA replicates your telomere becomes shorterConnection between mutations and DNA replication is the primer on the leading strand There is no 3 OH for the polymerase to use to replace the primer As a result your chromosomes will shorten at every replicationAmes Test A lab interested in discovering the different kinds of mutagens in the environment Haffies lab was mostly interested in discovering the mutagens in wine So they used the Ames test Bacterial Test salmonellao The bacteria are mutants at the beginning of the test o Hi
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