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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Cell BiologyOrigin of Life 2124 Seven Characteristics of LifeDisplay Order o Arranged in a highly ordered manner o Cell fundamental unit of life HarnessUtilize Energy o Acquire energy from the environment and use it to maintain stateReproduce o Have the ability to make more of their own kind Respond to Stimulio Can make adjustments to their structure function and behavior in response to changes to external environment Exhibit Homeostasis o Regulate internal environment so that conditions stay relatively constant GrowthDevelopmento Increase their size by increasing the sizenumber of cellsEvolve o Populations change over generations to become better adapted to the environmentThe Fundamental Unit of LifeCell Theoryo All organisms are composed of one or more cellso The cell is the smallest unit that has the properties of life o Cells arise only from the growth and division of preexisting cellsAge of Earth
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