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Lecture 3

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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

The Drake EquationThe Universe The GalaxyThis lecture is going to focus on the galaxy not the universe as a wholeAndromeda M31another galaxy similar to the Milky Wayo 100000 light years acrossSpeed of light11 billion kmhLight year9460730472580 kmProxima CentauriClosest star to sun422 light years 39922000000000 kmSpace shuttle is 31000 kmhr150000 years away by space shuttleSpace travel not a feasible option in the near future Picture is local group Radio AstronomyOnly means by which to travel fast enough to reach the closet star and observe whether or not there is evidence of extraterrestrial life Listening to other intelligent life formsIf there is intelligent life we should be able to detect them by the radio waves they emit Radio waves travel the speed of light much faster than space shuttleSETIsearch for extraterrestrial intelligenceThe Drake EquationFor a galaxy not the universe NNumber of advanced civilizations in our galaxy NNumber of starssfthe fraction of those stars that have planets pnnumber of planets that can potentially support life ef the fraction of those planets that develop life lf the fraction of planets that develop intelligent life if the fraction of planets willing and able to communicate cL average lifetime of a civilization N s11 100 billion stars 10 good estimate in the Milky Way Fp11o 10 x 0550 billion planetsCan we detect extrasolar planets o Kepler Mission
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