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Lecture 9

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Tom Haffie

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Lecture 9Photosynthesis II 7375 Global COFixation 105 Gtyear GtGigatons 2Terrestrial564 GtOceanic485 Gto Singlecelled phytoplankton responsible for oceanic fixationAre ectotherms usually grow faster where its warm slower where its cold Near the equator theres no phytoplankton even though its warm Why Less dissolved gas CO not main reason 2 Part of a food web animals consuming phytoplankton not main reasonNutrients low iron near equator main reason o Need iron for cofactors etc o Colder areas Arctic have more iron hence more phytoplanktono ExperimentDumping iron into water bodies near the equator More phytoplankton growthCalvin CyclesSet of reactions that are pulling CO out of the atmosphere 2 Takes place in stromenzymes in the stromacatalyze fixation of CO 2 3 Phaseso Carboxylation reaction RuBPCOPGA initial step2o Reduction NADPHATPo Regeneration RuBP produced again Endergonico Need ATP from light reactionso Needs reducing power NADPH from light reactions Substrateo Ribulose Biphosphate RuBP enzyme 50 of all plant enzymes most abundant enzyme in plants5 carbon sugarphosphate on each endo 1 molecule of RuBP reacts with 1 CO 2o Three cycles three molecules of RuBP3 CO1 G3P produced2 First stable product o 3PhosphoGlycerate PGA 3 means 3 carbons o 3 cycles6 PGA produced 6 ATP incorporated into cycleo Driving reduction 6 NADPH incorporated into cycleo Reducing power to produce G3P 6 molecules of Glyceraldehyde3Phosphate G3P in 3 cycles 1 molecule of G3P is removed from the cycle and produced as a product in 3 cycles
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