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Western University
Biology 1002B
Niki Sharan

LECTURE 7 PHOTOSYNTHESIS IPhotosynthetic organismsphotoautotrophs and primary producers o Convert energy of sunlight into chemical energy and use it to assemble inorganic raw materials into complex organic moleculesTwo Stages of PhotosynthesisLightdependent reactionscapture of light energy by pigment molecules and energy used to synthesize both ATP and NADPHLightindependent reactionselectrons carried by NADPH and ATP energy used to convert CO from inorganic to 2organic formChloroplastsEukaryotesphotosynthesis takes place in the chloroplasts Outer and inner membranes consists of intermembrane compartmentLight reactions take place in the thylakoid o Thylakoid membranes are complex of flattened internal membrane compartmentsStacks of membranes called granaTubular lamellae connections between granaCompartment enclosed by thylakoids called the thylakoid lumen inside of thylakoidOutside of thylakoidstroma Calvin cycle takes place in the stromao Stromaopening in which gas exchange occurs CO 2in O outon upper surface of leaves2 Aqueus environment within the inner membraneThe Photosynthetic ApparatusElectrons in pigment molecules absorb light energy o Absorption of photon by a pigment molecule excites a single electron moving it from ground state to excited stateo Difference in energy level between ground state and excited stateenergy of photon of light absorbed
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