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Biology 1201A
Tom Haffie

Biology Lecture 1  Biology exploring the diversity of life (Russell, wolfe hertz , starr) necessary  Aplia (on owl)  Lab coat, safety glasses, closed toed shoes, long pants (lab manual essential) Characteristic of Living things 1. Organisms tend to be complex and highly organized 2. Living organisms have the ability to take energy from the environment 3. Organisms tend to be homeostatic – they regulate their bodies and other internal structures Living creatures response to stimuli Living things reproduce themselves by making copies of themselves Organisms tend to grow and develop Life adapts and evolves in step with external changes in the environment Chapter 2 pg 25-47 The electron Microscope  Resolution limit of light microscope is about 0.2 microns (size of a small bacterium – remember 1 micron is 0.001mm)  To observe a surface, look at the scanning electron microscope Cell Fractionantion Take cell apart to study their components Centrifuge is used to fractionate The nuclear side of the envelope is lined by the nuclear lamina, a network of intermediate filaments that maintain the shape of the nucleus Nucleus directs protein synthesis (rRNA, mRNA) Cytoplasm consists of water (appr
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