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Biology Chapter 9 meiosis.docx

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Biology 1201A
Richard Gardiner

Biology Chapter 9 meiosisDNA deoxyribonucleic acidGenetic recombination cutting and pasting DNA back bones into new combinations occurs when gene jumping inserts viruses into the chromosomes and antibiotic resistance spreadsMechanism of Genetic recombinationRequires two things two different DNA molecules and mechanism for bringing the DNA molecules and enzymes to be cut paste and put back togetherDNA helix sugarphosphate back held together by covalent bonds and the base pairs are held together by hydrogen bondsHomologus similar DNA moleculesHomologyallows DNA molecules to line up and recombineWhen they are paired the enzymes break the covalent bonds and reattach themFinal result is two new recombined DNA molecules Eukaryotes MeiosisThey engage in sexual reproduction through the formation of gametes sex cells which depends on meiosis important for exchanging genetic informationMeiosis is the cell division of DNA hat produces cells with the half number of chromosomes Fertilization bringing of an egg and a sperm cell and forming a zygote in which the chromosome number is restored
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