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Biology chapter 10 Mendel.docx

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Richard Gardiner

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Biology chapter 10 Mendel, Genes and Inheritance Blending theory of inheritance- hereditary traits are blended evenly in offspring through parents blood Mendel- studied hereditary characteristics called characters using peas  Trait- variation of a trait such as color or size  Said hereditary factors are passed to offspring known as genes  He used technique called cross-pollination allows mating pea plants of different parental types  Also used true breeding when self fertizled pea plants pass traits without change from one generation to the next His experiment using Purple and white flowers  Created a zygote or embryo which grows into a new plant  Plants used in the cross are called P generation  F1 generation- first generation of offspring from the cross purple only showed up  Used F1 generation (purple) to self produce sees (second generation offspring is the F2 generation and white and purple flowers appeared Conclusion- genes, which are located on the chromosomes, have different versions that produce different traits called alleles. There are two alleles for a gene. Diploids- organisms with two copies of each gene may be identical or different Dominance- allele that appears the most use Capital Recessive- allele that appears the least use lower case Segregate- pairs of alleles that control the character. As the gametes are formed one half go to one allele and the other half goes to the other allele also known as Mendel’s Principle of Segregation Homozygote/Homozyous- individual with same Allele Heterozygote/Heterozygous- Different alleles Monohybrid- F1 generation with a single character ex AA Monohybrid cross- cross between two heterozygotes for the same par of alleles ex AB AB Genotype- genetic make up of the organism ex Pp or PP Phenotype- is the genetic appearance of the organism Mendel prediction Probability- random fertilization of an egg and sperm cell contains one allele or the other Product rule in Probability- if two events are independent then the products is multiplied Sum rule in probability- several different events give th
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