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mendel + meiosis summary

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Biology 1201A
Richard Gardiner

Mendel LectureTsering KaldenMeiosis I reduction and Meiosis II divisionMeiosis produces 4 haploid cellsIn a process called synapsis special proteins attach homologous chromosomes tightly togetherBrief summary of the Processhomologous chromosomereplication occurs during premiotic interphase each chromosome consists of 2 sister chromatids chromosomes pair during prophase I for meiosis may undergo recombinationfirst meiotic division separates the holmologs placing one in each of the two cells resulting form the division the products have haploid number of chromosome each chromosomes still contain 2 chromatidsthe second meiotic division occurs separates the sister chromatids one in each cell4 cells are produced as a final product of meiosiskey terms and ideasHaploid1ncells with one complete set of chromosomes ie unfertilized eggsomatic cells have 23 choromosmessynapsis process where special proteins attach homologous chromosomes tightly togetherHaploid sperm fuses with haploid egg to get diploid zygote fertilized egg Male parent provides 23 chromosomes 1 set and female parent 23 chromosomes 1 set Diploid2ncells with two complete sets of chromosomes ie almost all body cells of human are diploid diploid human cells have 46 chromosomes have a pair of homologous chromosome pairs SexualReproduction new individual gets 12 genetic inform
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