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Fresh notes on Prof. Waugh's lectures on Evolution. Been to all her classes and sat on the front row, so these notes are very precise to what she talks about in class.

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Biology 1201A
Jennifer Waugh

Biol1201AFall 2011 WaughUpsetting the Equilibrium Genetic variation READ 171 intro a and b Origin of genetic variation Mutation The paradox of genetic variation Modes of Selection READ selection in varying environments p 389390 Neutral variation READ 174c Genetic drift Migration Nonrandom mating READ 173f Genetic Variation AA AA Within individuals BB Bb proportion of CC Cc Dd Dd heterozygous loci individual 2 individual 1 within an individual high low Within populations A A 1A A2 number of B B 12B B 11polymorphic loci in A A 1B B 13the gene pool of a gene pool 2 gene pool 1 population high low Genetic Variation contd Between populations degree of difference in alleles andor allele frequencies between two or more populations Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Population 1 Population 2 Population 1 Population 2 A a A A B 1A A A A B B B B 12A B A A 1A a A A B B B B 13LOW similar alleles and HIGH different alleles andor similar allele frequencies different allele frequencies 1
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