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Mendel - tutorial summary

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Western University
Biology 1201A
Jennifer Waugh

Lecture 5 and 6 notes for tutorial TA: Lovesha Student: Michael Clegg Student # 250672934 - Heredity was wrongly thought of for a majority of human history - Francis Galton disproved blood heredity theory by giving rabbits blood transfusions and seeing if the traits were passed on to offspring (they weren’t) - Gregor Mendel, ‘the father of modern genetics,’ was an Austrian monk with a degree form the university of Vienna - Mendel completed much of his work with the use of pea plants due to their 7 testable traits: round or wrinkled seeds, green or yellow seeds, purple or white petals, green or yellow pods, inflated or pinched pods, axial or terminal flowers, and long or short stems. - Mendel would cross pollenate (hybridize) pea plants with opposing true breeding traits (identical alleles) - This would create a P generation (parent) and F1 generation (hybrid) - The F1 generation were then left to self pollenate creating an F2 generation - After qualitatively analyzing the F2 generation, Mendel created the law of segregation and the law of independe
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