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Western University
Biology 1202B
Brenda Murphy

1 Applications of Immunology (Chapter 43) Immunological Memory - Less antigen required to elicit nd 2 response - Have memory B & T cells - Don’t need to initiate clonal selection Allergens  Allergens are antigens that elicic hypersensitivity or an allergic reaction  Allergens induce B cells to secrete an overabundance of IgE antibodies which bind to receptors on mast cells in connective tissue & on basophils (type of WBC) which secrete histamine  Histamine produces a severe inflammation usually in tissue directly exposed to allergen Asthma  Severe response to allergens  Causes o Constriction of airways in lungs o Inflammation, swelling & irritation of the airway o Buildup of mucous, runny nose & sneezing  Treat with anti-histamines which block histamine receptors (recall, histamine released by mast cells) Autoimmune Reactions  Type I diabetes, systematic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis  Occurs with a faulty immune system  “Self” cells are recognized as “non-self” so are destroyed  Type I Diabetes o Eliminates insulin producing pancreatic bata cells so person cant make insulin  Multiple Sclerosis o Elimi
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