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Western University
Biology 2217B
Richard Gardiner

Forticulture  Flowers spread from middle east and hanging gardens of Babylon were aesthetic wonders  Long history of religious folk and national symbolism o Gifts of love, friendship, etc o Plant have different meanings Ornamental qualities  Color – hue  Texture – associate certain visual patterns with tactile sesations  Line – vertical branching patterns and drive eye up  Form – three dimensional Naming horticulture plants  Can be given latin names  Hybrids get a formula name o Rosa alba and Rosa nigra; hybrid Rosa alba x Rosa nigra  Hybrids of unknown percentage o Rosa x wilsonii  Intergenic hybrids – xAster turnii Floriculture  The culture of plants – flowering and foliage, production, distribution  Production – begins at plant propagation, market size and age o Grown in greenhouse – enclosed glass structure, allows environment control o Growers may specialize – profit, climate, location of market Major types  Cut flowers – supply wholesale florists o Grow, cut, and sell wholesaler o Roses, carnation, chrysanthimums o Includes curt foliage and leaves  Potted fl
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