Biology 2217B Lecture Notes - List Of Poisonous Plants, Floriculture, Indeterminate Growth

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Published on 19 Apr 2013
Western University
Biology 2217B
Review Lecture: The Big Picture
Part one:
- M/C Questions
- T/F Questions
Part 2:
Test Breakdown:
From test 1 ¼
From test 2- ¼
From final section ½
- Yes all tutorials will be covered
Chapters covered:
- Intro C 8 and 9
- Plant Cell C 2**
- Plant structure C3
- Wood, paper, fibres, fuel C18** spend a lot of time in this chapter
- Origins of Acri Ch11 -** spend a lot of time in this chapter
- Grasses C 12
- Legumes C13
- Starch staples C 14
- Fruits and Veg various
- Stimulation Bev and Psycho Plant. C16 and C20
- Sugar
- Herbs and Species C 17
- Medicinal C19
- Plant Biotechnology C15
- Floriculture
- Poisonous plants
- Plants pathology
- Fungi and Algae and the rest
- Plant kingdom
- Classification system
- Division, class, order, Family, genus, species
- Where names came from
- Major plant division
Plant Cells:
- Know the parts of the plant cells and what the organelles functions are
Plant Tissues:
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Wood, paper, fibres, fuel c18** spend a lot of time in this chapter. Origins of acri ch11 -** spend a lot of time in this chapter. Know the parts of the plant cells and what the organelles functions are. Phloem: sieve tube members and companion cells. * know the organization of plant tissues (figure 3. 2 ) Covered fibers, artificial fibers, fibers that are used for paper making and talk about energy created by wood. Table 18. 1 covers important plant fibers expect to recognize both common name and genus name. Know the map and where all the plants are originating from (probably will have it again) Figure 11. 7 not complete; not showing herbs/spices. Key terms: domesticated, fertile crescent, hunter-gatherer, natural selection, non- shattering fruits, shattering fruits . Know the parts of grass plant and fruit. Know major cereal and lesser known cereal. Some questions: (sometimes uses jens question in exam) Cucurbitacaea is commonly called the cucumber family.

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