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Western University
Biology 2217B
Richard Gardiner

Review Lecture: The Big Picture Part one: - M/C Questions - T/F Questions Part 2: Test Breakdown: From test 1 – ¼ From test 2- ¼ From final section ½ - Yes all tutorials will be covered Chapters covered: - Intro C 8 and 9 - Plant Cell C 2** - Plant structure C3 - Wood, paper, fibres, fuel C18** spend a lot of time in this chapter - Origins of Acri Ch11 -** spend a lot of time in this chapter - Grasses C 12 - Legumes C13 - Starch staples C 14 - Fruits and Veg various - Stimulation Bev and Psycho Plant. C16 and C20 - Sugar - Herbs and Species C 17 - Medicinal C19 - Plant Biotechnology C15 - Floriculture - Poisonous plants - Plants pathology - Fungi and Algae and the rest Introduction: - Plant kingdom - Classification system - Division, class, order, Family, genus, species - Where names came from - Major plant division Plant Cells: - Know the parts of the plant cells and what the organelles functions are Plant Tissues: - Meristem (different growth aka indeterminate growth) - Dermal tissues - Ground tissues - Vascular tissues - Parenchyma - Collenchyma - Sclerenchyma - Xylem: tracheids and vessel elements - Phloem: sieve tube members and companion cells - * know the organization of plant tissues (figure 3.2 ) Wood, Papers and fibres - Covered fibers, artificial fibers, fibers that are used for paper making and talk about energy created by wood - Table 18.1 covers important plant fibers – expect to recognize both common name and genus name Origins of Agriculture: Chapter 11 - Know the map and where all the plants are originating from (probably will hav
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