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Lecture 12

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Western University
Biology 2217B
Richard Gardiner

Starchy StaplesStarch Cont21220134Gardiner2122013Gardiner1Roots and Modified Stems StarchStemsStorage RootsStolonsor runnersTuberMostly root cropshorizontal stems long enlarged storage tips of internodes found above rhizomeMostly of tropical origingroundTuberous rootFarmed now in temperate climates as wellRhizomefleshy fibrous roots horizontal underground enlarged with food Most propagate asexuallystemsreservesBulbTaprootEconomically importantvertical underground biennial plantsstem food reserves in Among first plants domesticated by leaveshumansCormvertical underground Normally low in proteinoilsstem store food reserved in stem21220132Gardiner21220135GardinerRoots and Modified Stems ContStarch ContStem tubers PotatoMade and stored in plastidsTrue yamsChloroplasts in leaves and amyloplasts in Formed on underground stems rhizomesEyes are buds formed at nodesrootsBreakdown of starch begins in the mouthTuberous storage roots Sweet potatoSalivary enzymes Slightly sweet tasteOften misnamed as yamsIn traditional diets provides the lions share Modified fibrous roots enlarged with food reservesof carbohydrates Corms TaroDiversity of food sources has given more Fleshy erect underground stems storage is in the stem not developed Countries a variety of in the leaves as in bulbsalternatives21220133Gardiner21220136Gardiner1
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