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Western University
Biology 2382B
Jessica Kelly

Lecture 6Receptor Mediated EndocytosisInternalizing Extracellular MaterialPhagocytosis process by which relatively large particles eg bacterial cells are internalized by certain eukaryotic cells ie phagoctyes of immune system in a process that involves extensive remodeling of the actin cytoskeletonPinocytosis not specific it is the internalization of extracellular fluid that could contain a variety of compounds and substances Receptormediated endocytosismethod of selective internalization of specific extracellular molecules ligandsExample LDL lowdensity lipoprotein transferrin hormones eg insulin certain glycoproteins etcLow Density Lipoprotein LDLCholesterol a fatty acid can be ingested and also produced in the liverLysosomes in cells digest cholesterol for use in biosynthesis of cell structures ie generation and maintenance of cell and intracellular membranesLDL particles are used to transport the hydrophobic cholesterol through the blood stream via use of a lipid monolayerApolipoprotein B associates with LDLparticles by forming a band around themAmphipathic shellcomposed of aphospholipid monolayer apolipoprotein and Apo B acts as a ligand for the LDL cholesterol receptor protein on the membranes ofcells Apolar corehydrophobic mostlycholesteryl esters LDL receptors recognize ApoB and areessential in endocytosis of LDL 1
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