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Lecture 4

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Biology 2382B
Robert Cumming

There are Two Major Protein Sorting Signal Sequence Translocation Channel (Protein Channel) Pathways -Translocation and translation occur -Transfer of ribosome/nascent polypeptide Nonsecretory simultaneously due to signal sequence being at complex leads to opening of translocon -synthesis of proteins lacking ER sequenNeterminus of polypeptide chain -insertion of signal sequences into central Secretory Receptor for Signal Sequence pore -cellular pathway for synthesizing and soiignal recognition particle SRP -SRP and SRP Receptor dissociate and GTP soluble and membrane proteins localized-tDoeteers ribosome/nascent polypeptide is hydrolyzed ER, Golgi, and lysosomes; plasma membc romeplex to SRP receptor in ER membrane -Signal sequence cleaved in ER lumen by Targeting proteins to be secreted -Interaction Accompanied by GTP signal peptidase -Direct proteins to the right destinations -ribosome released at completion of (organelles) Protein Modifications in ER -During or after synthesis -Translocon closes and protein folds to Sorting native conformation Glycosylation -Direct proteins to the secretory pathway (ER, -Addition of carbohydrates Golgi, Lysosomes) -N-linked o
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