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Lecture 10

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Biology 2382B
Robert Cumming

Regulation of Adenylyl Cyclase cAMP Regulates Protein Kinase A Regulation of Glycogen Metabolism -Adenylyl Cyclase catalyzes the formation of (PKA) by cAMP cAMP -cAMP binds to B site then A site of ACTIVE CAMP (Epinephrine) -Depending on the Ligand-Receptor complex; Regulatory Domain -Active PKA; phosphorylates to either an activator or inhibitory Gα will be -Promotes dissociation of regulatory ultimately convert glycogen to G1P turned on domain from catalytic subunits and they -Also phosphorylates to inhibit Glycogen can go phosphorylate things Synthase and Phosphatase DECREASE CAMP -Low levels of active PKA -Phosphatase dephosphorylates making glycogen synthase active and inhibiting glycogen breakdown Functions of GPCR (G Protein Coupled Receptors) Activation of Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor and K+ Channels in the Heart -Acetylcholine binds its receptor Activation of Gene Transcription -Activate G-Protein; causes Gβγ subunit to dissociate -Genes regulated by PKA contain a - Gβγ subunit activates the effector protein (K+ specific nucleotide sequence (TGACGTCA) called the Camp Channel) Response element (CRE) -Becomes more negative inside; -Catalytic Domains of PKA enter nucleus Hyperpolarisation; slows down muscle and phosphorylates CREB contraction -CREB now dimerizes and binds to CRE -Transcription factors bind and Cholera Toxin Whooping Cough transcription can occur -Epithelial Cells of intestine -Epi
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