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Case Study 1 - What Makes a Good Paper

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Biology 2471A/B
Brock Fenton

1. Do “all” papers published in scientific journals have all (or even most) of these features? Not all papers have all or even most of the features that constitute a “good paper”.  Certain components are necessary to produce a good scientific article, such that the  journal is readable, grammatically correct, and has a clear focus. However, this is not  always the case because scientists who review submitted papers may have a preference of  writing style, which varies between editors and reviewers. One reviewer may have a firm  grasp on the material discussed, and therefore return the paper with minimal comments  on editing. In some of these cases, the paper may be too complicated or unclear for a  reader. Also, certain papers that are published may be scientific reviews or reports, and  including statistical analyses or details about design protocols are not required for it to be  a “good paper”. 2. If a paper is published is it always good and are the results always “true”? No, a paper is not always good and true since the writer of the paper is bias in terms of personal gains. The author(s) generally want to make their findings interesting to the readers and editors of the journal, but also, sway the opinion of the audience to how their data is relevant in their field. It is up to the reader to remain critical of the results and to decide, after reading the paper, whether the information is credible. 3. What effect does journal quality have on papers? Impact factors are a measure of the average number of times a paper is cited by journals over a specific period of time. Journal quality has a significant effect on papers, as papers published in journals with high impact factors are considered to indicate higher quality research and authors. For example, publishing a paper in well-known journals such as Nature or Science, would probably have a better response than a paper published in a loca
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