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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Biomestropical rainforestsat the equatorlittle seasonal variability ITCZwhen it shifts throughout the year some seasonality rain variance at the heart of the tropics little variabilitylook at graph and interpret climate and precipitationOne big featuretons of species diversity must conserve it for this reasonmany species we havent properly characterized feature of tropical systemsa lot of light competitiondense canopiesplants have come up with multiple strategies to capture light woody vines and epiphytes grow on top of tree branchestheir way of competing for light other challenges to thisdry out easier and harder to get nutrientsworth sacrificing dryness to get light understorysmall plants and trees sit lowdont use a lot of energyuse sun flex bits of sun that come through the canopy during the day The biome is characterized by broadleaved evergreen and deciduous treesCanopy density can see the moisturehot and steamy let side Lost a lot of leaves in the savanna left Hard hit systems Femoral plantspop up suddenly then go away throughout the year youll have cacti on their ownbut with precipitationspring flowers will come out for a shor
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