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C4 and CAM plants

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

C4 and CAM PlantsMain advantageperform well in hot environmentsThe biochemical specialization can be thought of as a pump that provides high concentrations of CO2 to the Calvin Cycle This greater supply of CO2 lowers the rate of O2 uptake by rubisco substantially reducing photorespiration The morphological specialization involves spatial separation of the regions in the leaf where CO2 is taken up and where the Calvin cycle operates in order to increase the concentration of CO2 where rubisco is foundMain feature is the plants use a different enzyme to capture the carbonpepcase captures carbon then moves to the bundle sheathoutside of it is a waxy membrane that keeps the CO2 from diffusing outbring the 4c compound in the rubisco is put aside and the calvin cycle continues spatially separating where everything is happening in order to maintain a high CO2 concentrationCO2 is taken up by the enzyme PEPcase It fixes CO2 in the mesophyll tissue of the plant Once the CO2 is taken up a fourcarbon compound is synthesized and transported to a group of cells surrounding the vascular tissues known as the bundle sheath where the Calvin Cycle occurs The 4C compound is broken down here releasing CO2 to the Calvin cycle and a 3C compound is transported back to the mesophyll to continue the
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