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Lecture 1

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Lecture 1Ecology is just the study without the attachment of acting out on the case Ecology is just knowing about the mechanisms Could have an evil ecologistuse their knowledge to destroy the environmentso its just a study without the attachment of activism High species diversity here Ecological role or functionsome are redundantif you took one out it would still function and look the same Therefore every species doesnt necessarily play a role Some are more replaceable than others 1 Organisms do interactwhat makes ecology interesting and difficultstudy plantsplants are always competinggetting eaten by consumers 2 flow of energynutrientsinterested in tracking these things flow diagrams there are always consequencessome die etc 3 What keeps a population at a constant levelincreasesdecreases4 Things that make you good in one environment are not as effective in other areastrade offsbecause of geneticenergy strainsyou can excel in one area but there will be a trade off with a downfall in another areagood at one thing bad at anothertherefore trade off to get both 5 No static pictureseverything is evolvi
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