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Lecture 3

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Lecture 3biospheremajor grouping of communities biomes Biomes are communities divided up in the world ex Tropical forests tundra etc they are broad scales Communities are defined on smaller scales Broad scales of vegetation classes They are defined based on plantsa specific region will give a certain type of growth plantSucculencefull of water Use plants because they cant go anywhere Animals in its lifetime can migrate to avoid adverse conditions If conditions are plants the plants have to stay and adapt Disturbance can affect as well Plants occupy a lot of landscapeprovide habitat for animals Temperature and moisture stress work togetherhave affects on plants hot climate water is lost faster direct2 factors work together temperate grasslandshrub are looking different because of human activityhow much weve changed green means we havent done muchtundraborealnorth americaasia eastern north americaeuropechinaa large effectA lot of indirect effects tooplants dict
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