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Lecture 4

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Lecture 4Tolerance limits of organismscolddryimportant in determining the distribution of speciesIf yourenot in optimal conditions it will affect your energyThese 2 are tied together because your ability to tolerate conditions is based on how much energy you have Store up energy living in good conditions will help you tolerate off conditionsNiche Theory used to be called this Important distinctionblue line is potential distribution of species based on tolerance of environment at very low temps few species moving to optimal temppotentially find a lot In the warmer well find fewer distribution is confined to something less than potentialdeals with interactions out competedpredators that are limiting distributionThe abundance of an organism reaches a theoretical maximum at some optimal value across an environmental gradient and drops off at either end at values that constrain the potential geographic distribution of the organism The actual abundance curve is likely to differ from the potential abundance curve due to biological interactionssurvival of the adult aspensin order for a species range to shiftit ha
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