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Optimal Foraging Theory

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Optimal Foraging TheoryMinimize the risk involved in finding foodSome areas of a landscape have a higher density of prey or host individuals than others due to differences in water or nutrient availability associated with differences in microclimateOptimal foraging proposes that animals will maximize the amount of energy acquired per unit of time It relies on the assumption that natural selection acts on the foraging behavior of animals to maximize their energy gain Each food item has profitability different amount How much energy it gets from the food relative to the amount of time it spends finding and obtaining the food Look at energy investment and what your getting linear lineinvesting more energy as your searching for your preyaccumulating over time energy you can obtainsaturatedreach the maximum and more energy wont have an effect Net energy gainpeaks and then when you put more energy into searching and not a good payoffnegative net energy gain hit an optimal point When you start to increase you effort to find themreturn might saturate once you capture them all you cant capture anymoreput in all the effort and get nothing afte
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