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Case Study - Nemo

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Case StudyNemoClown fish organize themselves differently in life historyinvolved in mutualism with an anemone it stings other fish not the clown fish Clown fish return the favour by eating parasites or driving away the anemones predators Looks like atypical family unit but its not the case Look at the groups of clown fishbiggest ones are female and the members of the group are unrelated to each other If you were to kill the dominant femalethe male would turn into the female You need a dominant female then the male then the others are greeters So if the dominantfemale dies the male because a female and the little one becomes the maleJuveniles have a rough timeonly allowing a mall group of fishthey are kicked out and have to fend for themselvesThe young fish that are newly bred leave the anemone to live in the open ocean away from the predator infested reef They return and develop into juveniles eventually They t
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