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Life History Diversity

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Life History DiversityWithin a species you get diversity in life history strategiesLook at any given species you can describe a typical life history strategy In general humans reproduce between 1835 typical Average or typical Eggs going to a tadpole then metamorphosis into frog shape How much it grows before it reproduces How many offspringhow large will they beparental care decisions and how long will you liveselection acts on theseany advantage is selective Some life history variation within species is determined genetically Genetically influenced traits can often be recognized as those that are more similar within families than between themThe key is for any given genotype that defines a certain life historythere will be an optimal but there will be trade offs Many offspring Small Parental investment Dont find a perfect life historyjust specific ones that wok under specific environments Trade off so when you switch conditions you need a different optimum You wont find an organism that has unlimited production of descendantsPhenotypic plasticitywithin a genotypechanging the environment has large effectsHigher temperatures are going to cause it to grow faster growth and development are controlled by temperature Almost every trait shows s
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