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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

TradeOffsTrade offhow many they are producing and the size Chances of them survival and your total reproductive efforttime spent could have been foraging for thingsmany decisions on what they are going to do Clutch sizenumber of eggs they are going to lay as you got further northlonger daylightlonger lack clutch size Lack clutch size is limited by the max number of young that the parents can raise at one time If they rear less than the max number they will reduce their genetic representation but if they rear more than the maximum then the risk starvation and death for the entire clutchGalslower number of eggs laidnumber survivedmore survived when there was less More eggsless survival rates Parental care makes a differencewhen you dont have it just casting them out and seeing what happenspropagulesIn plantsinverse relationship between how many you reproduce and their size can get up to a million seeds per plantvery small If plants produce many seeds they tend to be small while plant species that produce relatively few seeds tend to produce large seeds Lizardsfurther northlarger clutch sizes and south is less Means shown by
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