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Age Structure

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Age StructureAnother way of characterizing population is age structure Look at age classes and count the amount within each age class Members of a population whose ages fall within a specified range are said to be part of the same age classShow clearly what type of population growth you might expect Change growth rate by changing survival or fecundity If a populations age specific survival and fecundity rates are constant over time that population ultimately grows at a fixed rate from one year to the next This was the case for our hypothetical population which eventually grew at the fixed rate of lambda132 When the age structure of a population does not change from one year to the next the population is said to have a stable age distribution Age structure has an effect on whether or not the population will increase or decreaseOf 20 newborns 6 20 x S 20 x 03 survive to become 1 year olds Because S 0 o 2none of the 50 two year olds survive to become 3 year olds Each of the 6 1 year olds has 2 offspring and each of the 24 two year olds has 4 offspring so there are 108 6 x 224 x 4 newbornsIf you look at individuals a year latertime interval later divided by previous timegrowth ratehow quickly and in what direction its growing Endangered speciesturtleconservation was geared towards eggs first Born in the sandrun to t
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