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Distribution and Abundance

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Distribution and AbundanceHabitat suitability limits distribution and abundance The distribution and abundance of a species should be influenced strongly by the presence of suitable habitat These include those mentioned aboveBoth very successful in dry climates saguaro cant tolerate cool temperaturesIt uses water rapidly when its available but shuts down its metabolic processes during periods of extended drought It can also tolerate cold conditions as well Saguaro has a more limited distribution leaves to reduce water lossmodified spine leaves The northern limit of the saguaros distribution lies close to the boundary south of which temperatures never remain below freezing for more than 36 hoursBiological interactions will determined abundance Organisms depend on certain species for resourcesgo to an area where they are abundant Cacti put in as a hedge in Australiaspread everywhere ruining land for feeding animals Used a moth as control that feeds on the cactusgreatly reduced the abundanceIt hasnt been eradicated but it springs up randomly in different areas Biological control being very effective but you need to be carefulwith the moth eating native plants if you arent carefulTwo things interactbiotic and abiotic The barnacle cannot survive temperatures above 25 degrees celsius but also needs temperatures to remain below 10 degrees for 20 days in order to reproducePhysiological I can tolerate the purple and red range
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