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Effects of Density

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Western University
Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Effects of DensityIn many species yeartoyear variation in weather leads to dramatic changes in abundance and hence in population growth rates Although these factors account for yeartoyear fluctuations in the size of a population they do not tend to increase the size of populations when they are small ad decrease the size of populations hen they are largeComparing density dependence and density independence In the example of density dependence shown here population growth rates decrease as population density increases Depending on the species and the environmental conditions in its populations lambda may vary more or less than is shown in these 2 curves Each point represents one population Blackin density independence population growth rates are not a function of density Redin density dependence population growth rates change as population density changes How many young produced per femalefood limitation The number of young per female that survived to independence declined with population density In an experiment conducted at the high population densities observed in 1985 nesting pairs that were fed reared more young to in
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