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Estimating Abundances and Distributions

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Estimating Abundances and DistributionsSometimes we can only make due with relative population sizes harder with absoluteCougar trackshard to see them so you cant tracksproblem is it might be related to their activitycoldnot very active When its warmer they are more active Mistake of a larger pop as opposed to activityAreabasedimmobile or that can only move short distancesCounting everything within the known area and extrapolating it to a larger area10x10 quadrants in the fieldAreabased methods work well if individuals can be counted accurately within the quadrants and if the quadrants provide a good representation of the entire area covered by the population To help ensure this ecologists use as many quadrants as is feasible and they place them in randomly selected areas covered by the populationArea based can be used for mobile organisms by aerial viewLook left and rightidentify the distance you can see thingsFunction that explains the distance you can see thingsWalking along the linesee transects Things that move aroundquadrants are difficultCount how many were tagged beforemake assumptions on how many leftdiedcan estimateLong term dataone these data sets develop they are useful for other reasons Hantavirus killing individualsa lot of mice data in population size Why was the
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