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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Western University
Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Lecture 8Where is it and how many are there Distributionspatial range of organisms Populations are dynamic and moving which makes it difficult This changes the abundance and distribution from day to day What controls these How can we predict Can they breed with one another If you have an asexual populationnot as useful criteriacompetition between 2 individuals Abundancelook at biomass Not sure how far the extent that individuals are connected across the landscape Use knowledge about dispersal to find a total populationPopulations are dynamican example looking at insect abundance of goldenrod plants Interesting is that the number of sights were within a close region change in abundance within close climate Some insect species changed a lot from year to year and others stayed the same Only a 5km differenceessentially the same climate Three sightsin some years we have peaks that cluster between the 2 sights Other dynamics we just dont know what they areDispersal example of plantsdrop the seed next to them so they dont disperse at all others cover a large difference Dispersal links populationsOften you can have a population that is linked by disp
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