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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Lecture 9Arial view of crop fieldscircles are irrigated areaspoint is when we step back and look at a distance weve had a huge impact on a landscape scale Has a lot to do with population growth and energy use Seeing efforts to capture energy We see clear human impacts such as clearcutting of tropical forests1860industrial revolution population has double but energy use per person has increased even moreThis is why we have such a huge effect on our EarthMajor events over timenot until recently that weve had massive exponential growth Faster than exponential growth rateThe projected numbers would be reached if our population grew by 2 per year The number of people in the human population increased relatively slowly until 1825 when the effects of the Industrial Revolution took hold but since that time our Dont expect to keep growingeducationsocial economic factorsdecrease in not population but the growth rateAnnual world population growth rates have declined since the early 1960s The decline in the late 1950s resulted from events in China where a combination of natural disasters and social upheaval caused death rates to rise and birth rates to drop The current decline is projected to continuepopulation has increased in size by nearly 6 billion people Implications of the world
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