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Usually don t see exponential growth unless it is a new area. Movement form one continent to another establishing a new area expands very quickly across the landscape. Bird introduced in the late 30s expansion over time within the different areas. Its growth for a while they were growing exponentially due to the jump dispersal. The cattle egret subspecies bubulcus ibis ibis dispersed from africa to south. Once it established colonies in the northeastern region of. South america, it then spread rapidly to other parts of south and north america. The contour lines and dates show the edges of the cattle egret s range at different times. Close to logistic growth introduction of sheep. Exponential growth for 20/30 years then levels off too a carrying capacity. When sheep were first introduced to tasmania, the population increased rapidly. Later, population numbers fluctuated above and below a maximum sustainable population size. Unusually for k to be constant in a real population.