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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Lecture 10What population do we expect to see in the future All processes we hope to predict Fluctuations superimposed on logistic growth Combinations of these patterns seenCan also have negative exponential growth Eventually you will run out of resources Usually dont see exponential growth unless it is a new areaMovement form one continent to anotherestablishing a new areaexpands very quickly across the landscapeBird introduced in the late 30sexpansion over time within the different areas Its growthfor a while they were growing exponentially due to the jump dispersalThe cattle egret subspecies Bubulcus ibis ibis dispersed from Africa to South America in the late 1800s Once it established colonies in the northeastern region of South America it then spread rapidly to other parts of South and North America The contour lines and dates show the edges of the cattle egrets range at different timesClose to logistic growthintroduction of sheep Exponential growth for 2030 years then levels off too a carrying capacity Fluctuations are present is the carrying capacity constant over time Mediate form the logistic growth curveWhen sheep were first introduced to Tasmania the population increased rapidly Later population numbers fluctuated above and below a maximum sustainable population size1NKdensity dependence Unusually
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