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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Western University
Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Lecture 11Harmedgrowthsurvivalreproduction of each speciesit would be reduced in the presence of the other species for bothResources can be consumed to the point of depletionWater for marinenot consuming the water consuming oxygennot necessarily a resource for aquatic speciesSessiledont move Diatomphytoplanktonform patterns that look like snowflakesGrowth of diatoms phytoplanktonthey have interesting cell structurepatterns of snowflakeslooking at competitions of these with silicab Silica is higherthis organism cannot drive it down as lowsilica driven down to same as B but red cant survive without it now in interspecific competitionbring silica down to such a low level that competitors cant stand it 2 seperating above ground competitionIsnt a random sample of specieseither one they think will have a lot of competition or ones they are intersted inTrees live in different parts of the surface but they have a similar food sourcecompeting even though they arent interac
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