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Lecture 12

Lecture 12

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Western University
Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Lecture 12Herbivores eat grassif a bird falls down and dies it will eat it Usually separate by predators and herbivores but sometimes there is blendingPredators and herbivores both tend to feed on multiple individuals of prey or food plants in their lifetimesSessile organisms are sitandwait predatorsSpiders sit and wait where the concentration of prey is highsratigically place themselvesSpecialist predatorselecting certain prey7 Why would they take on the strategy of eating the most abundant preyPlants use carbon as a structural material Low nitrogen and nutrient content in plants relevant to what animals need Some herbivores eat plants but they specialize in eating parts of the planthigh in nutrients leaves Seeds are important but they may not always be availableWoodstems would be very low in nitrogen content Herbivorse dont kill the plants but they reduce their performance They can die from feedinginfection afterwards Belowground herbivores feed on the rootsGrasshoppers rip through areas and kill vegetation Deer eat everything up to a certain height they can reachChemical defenses butterfly spitting out a substanceKeeping lookoutsbeavers will have an alarm system Bison form a defensive circle
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