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Lecture 14

Lecture 14

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

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Lecture 14Theyre feedingproviding protection for the fungi but they are also eating them They cant survive without each otherMoundform chambers bigger chains are the waste Fungal gardenbig colonies that they formAnts cut off bits of leaves to feed the fungi Weed out other fungiorganisms that shouldnt be there Attackingeating food sourceLeaves have secondary compounds that ants cant digestAnimal kicks up insectsbirds eat themtheyre benefiting but the animal doesnt benefitSymbiosis and mutalism arent the same Mutualism is extremely common and essential for living Plants wouldnt have evolved on land if they didnt have a relationship with the fungi The plant can return the energy as a result through carbonMain difference is how they associate with the plant Ectomycorrhizae grow inbetween the cells Arbur form tree like structure sbetween the cellsextend a lot further from the rootsFungal hyphae can b
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