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Lecture 15

Lecture 15

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Lecture 15 Seaweed accidentally introduced into the Mediterraneandidnt think it would live in the environment Its survival caused wholesale changes in the communityChanged from thiscommunity of fish involved This isnt a oneone speciespecies interaction whole sale change in the entire community Guilduse of resources2 distantly related species not taxonomically related but are using the same resourcesGuildsextracting nector form flowers Mosquito nd aefidsucks bloodjuices from plants sam functional group mouth Strength of the interactions within the food web A lot of ambiguitywhen they mature they can span different trophic levelsPlankton when it grows larger it will eat different fish Carnivores can also munch on plant from time to time Energy glow going through trophic levelsInteractions is even more complicatedhorizontal interactions almost everybody is competeingmore helpful to understand but more difficult to measureRichnessboth are equal Evennessunequal high up top low down below Diversitydiveristy of B is higher then A Log scale on pro
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