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Population Extinction

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Population ExtinctionIf it gets too lownot a lot of potential to last much longerComputer simulationstart off with a certain population change the lambda value randomlyit is possible to get 23 bad years in a row or vice versa This simulation allows us to see when a population could go extinct 3 population trial Fluctuations increase the rate of extinctionAll bounce up and downgreen and red could bounce back form the low periods while the black couldnt bounce backonce you hit 0 its gone Variance in lambda is very importantTwo of the simulated populations recovered from low numbers and survived The ththird population went extinct in the 54 year of the simulationAs we increase the standard deviationthey get more and more spread out More we allow the environmental conditions to vary the more we endanger the populationsWhen variable environmental conditions increase the extent to which a populations growth rate fluctuates over time the risk of extinction also increases This effect however is dependent on the size of the population with small populations being particularly at risk Larger populations will be affected but more likely to survive and bounce back A large percentage of populations that had fewer than 10 breeding pairs went extinct None of the populations that had more than 1000 breeding pairs went extinct Among bird populations on the Channel Islands the percentage of populations that went extinct declined rapidly as the number of bree
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