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Lecture 21

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Lecture 21Play an important part in how available these nutrients come to the environmentWater gets into cracks and freezes causing it to crack more and break open Plants growing through sidewalkshuge pressure on rocks As you weather the surface of a rock strip the nutrients away A fresh surface has a very high nutrient contentacid works on the rock releasing the nutrientsClay vs sandnegative charge son the surface grab onto soluble nutrientsgoing to retain more nutrients than sandCationscharged ions reversible bindingpops on and off Why do we care about parent material Limestonehigh in minerals parent material is the raw material to be worked onto get the nutrients into the soil it must be present in the parent material Tropical forestsold soils not much glaciation lots of weathering so soils get nutrient poor Most nutrients tied up in tree biomass Mocroorganisms cant break down litter use enzymes to break it down and release nutrients Most plants prefer nitrate form Chemoautotrophic reactions that are changing the version of nitrogen nitrogen has a slowler turnover then potassium because K is more soluble leaves faster properties of nutrien
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