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Lecture 11

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Biology 2581B
Susanne Kohalmi

Genetics Lecture 11 Notes Uniqueness of DNA sequence:  In short space DNA can store lots of information o How can we see this properly? o How long does a DNA sequence have to be for us to expect that it is unique in a genome? o Have a high probability of occurring once? o Basis for computer searches.  If A=T=G=C what are the sequence permutations of a sequence 1 base long? o It has equal probability of being A, T, G, or C, therefore 4 permutations o ¼ chance that the base is A o Chance of particular sequence = 1/sequence permutations  If the sequence is 2 bases long, what is the chance that is has the sequence GT? o (1/4)^4 = 1/16 o In the case of A = T = G = C o 1/sequence permutations = ¼ (n=length)  How many total positions are there of that length within the genome? How many positions are there within genomes?  The e^-381 is the change that this sequence does not occur in the genome  There is a good chance that you wouldn’t find this sequence within a genome. The larger the sequence, the smaller the chance you will find it in the genome.  Individual events – so just multiply the probability of each event occurring (0.37^2) Overall…  Short sequences of 50 bases are not expected to occur at random in the sequence database  Therefore, if you take a 50 base sequence from a mouse and found that it existed in humans, there is a significant, non-random find o Would not expect same sequence to be in both a human & a mouse  if it is, this is a non-random find – 2 sequences are related
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