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10-Neuralation and Patterning.pdf

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Biology 3338A
Sashko Damjanovski

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•  Stuff going through dorsal li[pà dorsal mesoderm •  Anterior and posterior neural are different •  All kinds of singalling events •  All cocuring in a gradient •  RAà renpic acid gradient from anterior to posterior •  Gradient tells noggin where it is, allows it to make the right structure •  Dorsal side makes dorsal mesoderm •  3d of mesoderm, but only dorsal emsoderm signals neural •  In frog all dorsal mesoderm is there before neuralations starts; in frog neuraltation doesn’t start until gastrulation finsihes 1 •  Take ectoderme befre its induced, if transplant it will form epidermis •  Cells in dorsal lip. First part that go through dorsal lip is the mst anterior. Take early dorsal lip, will form another axisà mainly anterior •  If take late dorsal lipà get another posterior axis •  Take late dorsal lip ectodermà will form neural (has the proper stuff that induces bmp)? 2 •  No need to memorize anything here •  Bmp makes etoderm epidermis •  On the flip side, if inhibit bmpà will form neural tube and brain and associated structures •  In between the twoà get neural crest (after mid term stuff) 3 •  Dorsal mesoderm is specialà forms the notochord. Notochord signals to form neural tissues •  Dorsal side of embyo looks different because eof this •  Dorsal mesoderm leads to primary neuratlation pf 98% •  Three steps plate formation, groove formation, tube formation •  First fromation of plate: •  Dorsal mesoderm broad to start •  Gastrulation causes dorsal emsoderm to separate and form a tube (convergence extension).At same time secreding noggin, and inibihitng bmps •  Ectoderm changes shape, and mesoderm is starting to segment •  First thing is nortal chord; everything makes dorsal comes from nortochords •  If ur abover nortochord, get a lot of singals and become neural plate. If far away stay epidermis •  Inbetween ur special, form the neural crest •  Neuraltaion occurs in 3 steps: formation of neural plate, froamtion of 4 •  Have plate region off thicker cells •  After fromation of plate get the groove (requrires bending) •  Nortochord singals using sonic hedghog; causes cells above to bend and form a groove •  Calls mhp cels •  Actin mypsin allows for apically constiction that’s neeed •  In chickà posterior marginal zone; as thin run from through node from ant to post; have dorsal mesoderm that wll from neral plate •  Epdidermis closes causing dlhpà hing e pints •  Formed neural plate; bmp is inhibited •  Secind step is formation of the goup •  Occurs due to sonic hdghg singnalling •  Sonuc hdghhg causes cells to apically contrict; fomr s a medial hingepoint •  Hingepoint froms groove 5 •  Eventually get closing of epidermis on top •  Have dorsal mesoderm; signal to overlying ectoderm •  Bmp is inhbitedà allows formation of enural plate •  Nortochord signals with sonci to get plate cells to form hinge piint •  Dorsal lateral hinge points close and bring top parts of tube to close 6 •  In frog, have neura
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