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Western University
Biology 3338A
Sashko Damjanovski

•  Further away you are from dorsal, form different things •  Neural crest is a transient structureà gives rise to so many things •  Multipotentà gives rise to many different things •  Not dtereming prior to migration •  Neural crst gives rise to many different typs of tissue •  Multiplotertà deprend on groth factor, tells what they differentiate into •  No dtermined •  Pick up determineants ats they travel 1 •  White streak is neural tube •  For neural tube forme, gas needs to occurà pharangeal endo leads the way •  As you get further wawya from neural tube get bmp expression •  Neural crest cells have been expoed to little bmp •  Anterior end s placoldal; very little bmp andw nt (d-off and frzb) •  Neural crest cells determiend by intermeidate wnt and bmp •  To make neural crest need proper conc of bmp and wnt •  Pax3 pkays a rle in the border •  Means that edge where neural crest is defined by pax 3 •  Intermediate level of bmp causes migratory pathway fro neural crest •  One gene int level of bmp turns on is pax 3à partly determeines if neural crest 2 •  Have notochrord singalling to np •  Get mhp •  Get bmp gradient •  To migrate need to break cell cell juntions •  Snail/slug is needed tob reak cadherein junctions •  As neural tube is closing, snail is expressed to break cadherins, to make them go through epitheleal tranempthlal expressin •  Rhogtpases are needed for actin myosin and other cytoskeletal migrtatory •  Increase n cad not going to get migration •  Snailà breaks cel cel junction; rho needed for migration 3 •  Neural cres cells aer arising as neural tube is closing •  Cranial neural crest cells may migrate before closing •  Cranial and cardiac lumped together; trun and vagal and sacral lumped together •  All nc are multiplotent •  Cranial nc are the most miltiplotentà only ones that can give rise to cartiladge •  Trunk nc is a large chunk of body plan; easisest to sudyà mmst logical •  No somitogeneiss in head region, also nc cells migrate before tube closure in head region 4 •  Trunk nc migrate through 2 pathsà ventral; dorsal lateral •  DLà pass through epi and dermyatome; mgrate just beneath epidermis (btw epi and dermya) •  Và migrate thtrougth the somite; through ant half of sclerotome 5 •  Dl route is anywhere over somites; from the head to tail, dl nc migrate away from dorsal towards lateral •  V nc migrate venrtrally; migrate through ant half of sclerotome •  Migration needs ecmà need integrins •  Wherever they are going need fn and ln s they can migrateà found at ant half •  Migration is restriced by
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