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Biology 3466B

Chapter 54 – Population Ecology 54.1 How Do Ecologists Study Populations? • A population consists of the individuals of species within a given area. • The members of a population are distributed over space, and they differ in age and size. • The age distribution of individuals are spread over the environment describe its population structure. • The number of individuals of a population per unit of area is its population density. • The structure of a population changes continually because demographic events are common occurrences. Population densities can be estimated from samples • Estimating population densities is easiest for sedentary organisms. • Counting mobile organisms is much more difficult because individuals move into and out of census area. (write equation here). Birth and death rates can be estimated from population density data • (Write equation here). • Individuals born at the same time cohort. • The number of a population still alive at a given period of time in the future  survivorship. 54.2 How Do Ecological Conditions Affect Life Histories? • An organism’s life history describes how it allocates its time and energy among the various activities that occupy its life. • Ecological interactions influence the evolution of life histories. 54.3 What factors Influence Population Densities? All populations have the potential for exponential growth • All populations have the potential for explosive growth. As the number of individuals in a population increase,
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