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Evolution Notes

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Yolanda Morbey

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Evolution NotesOct 2011 The old view of life 5 kingdoms There is monera bacteria prokaryotes They have no nucleus or membranebound organelles There are also fungi plants animals and protists all are eukaryotes They have a nucleus and membranebound organelles This is a polytomy which is an unresolved phylogenetic relationship We want to try and resolve this polytomy Inferring the universal phylogeny Different loci have different mutation ratesType of loci New mutationslocusgeneration evolving loci smallsubnuit rRNA slow DNA nucleotides mtDNA nucleotides morphological mutations allozyme loci microsatellitesfastWhat kind of genetic data would be most suitable for reconstructing the universal tree of life Small subunit rRNA because it evolves slowly Want to use loci that is slowevolving otherwise everything will be completely unresolved Fast evolving loci are good for recently evolved populations Smallsubunit sRNA is highly conserved and any mutations would be strongly selected against It is also present in everything so it is good for inferring the relationship among universal phylogeny The new view of life 3 domains Have added a level of organization There are now two distinct prokaryote domains bacteria and archaea All other kingdoms are now part of eucarya Fungi are no longer monophyletic now located on different branches The previous names can no longer hold But this is just a hypothesis There are different universal phylogenies hypotheses When different sets of genes are used they can give different phylogenies Some show different domains be
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