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Lecture 9

lecture 9

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Biology 3466B
Yolanda Morbey

Hand out 9: origins of life.  The old view: there were 5 kingdoms  Inferring the universe phylogeny o Need to pick loci that will help predict phylogeny o What is the best for this? : small subunit RNA  Evolves and mutates slowly, also in all DNA, maintains its function, critical to life  The new view: 3 domains  However there can be different universal phyogenies o A) arechaea and eucarya are sister domains o B) bacteria and archaea are sister domains o C)bacteria and eucarya are sister domains o D) or they are all not sister domains o Which is right? A) has the most evidence  LUCA: last universal common ancestor o Had cellular form o Stored information as DNA o Had machinery for DNA replication o Had at least 60 homologous genes o Had enzymes made of proteins o Probably was similar to common day bacteria  What is life? o Stores and transmit information (genotype) o Express information and have a function (phenotype) o Therefore must have the capacity to evolve through evolution o But the chicken and the egg problem  What came first the storage of the information or the function  By itself DNA does not preform a func
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