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Biology 3475A/B
Jeremy Mc Neil

Bio 3475 Lec 2 9242010 103200 AM Resource acquisitionChapter 2Resource AcquisitionPlants and animals use infochemicals to acquire resoucesClassification of nematophagous fungi a Sp which catch nematodes with either mechanical or sticky traps these are saprophytes which can survive without nematodes b Sp which develop within the host and require nematodes for their surviveincrease probability that they will encounter a food sourceif you take a fixed quantity of fungi and look atnematodes that are attracted to the fungusthe fastgrowing ones do not attract them as much they like them but do not need themthe parasitic ones attract them a lot more see graphit is related to theof nematodes therethe more fungi the more nematodes see graphdid an experiment see graphlarge amount when there is mycelium and conidia together vs with them separate o this suggests that all parts of the fungus is producing infochemical to tell nematodes to comeso they can eat themwhen the nematode goes into the fungi the fungi spreads spores onto the nematodelimited amount of nematode so the infected nematode do not respond as much to other fungi which is a good strategy so the resource is not overexploited fungus canidia treated with an enzyme that could come with the fungusreduction in responseLast slide on pg 3 A spore B germinating spore C presymbiotic hypha from spore D vesicle on host root E Arbuscule in cortical cell F Coiled hyphae in cortical cell G Mycelium growing from root into soilArbuscular mychorrhizal signaling goes into the root releases something and at the same time is absorbing nutrients spore germination caused by rhizomesplant has a system to defend itself from pathogensit is producing its own lactone that variesfungi responds to that plant detects signal and lets their guard down to let stuff inallows the whole process to occur tohave the thing get into the plantthis whole process starts with infochemicals eg parasital plants that take resources from other plantslike bind weed reduces photosynthesis of plantsusing diff chemical cues have the bind weed and see which direction they goLook at table 3o Looking at tomato plants and analyzed volatiles o Must be using chemical cues emitted by host plants o Relative proportions released in each host plant volatiles o Then they laid artificial tomato plants with tomato volatilesrates of release were way lowerwhat happens if it is just moist soil which direction does germination moveNo cuerandom movement 20 day old tomato plantleaning toward the host source Pseudo tomatosignificantly toward the source but not as much Bioassays count how many went northsouth ORcount how many went in 4 quadratsWhich individuals chose theof the disk with or without the volatile Also using quadratsare the ones that gave you results with direction
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