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Western University
Biology 3475A/B
Jeremy Mc Neil

Bio 3465 Lec 3 Chapter 2 3 1012010 103100 AM Chapter 2 Supplementbeetle larvae all climb up a plant together and form a ball with their legs sticking up and wait for the vector a male bee that lives in the groundthe bee will carry the larvae aroundoverlap of the beessmall beetle larvae are producing a chemical odour to attract the male bees to attempt to copulate mimicrythey smelled like a woman beetles all moved around togetherthis is a pure liethey imitate a female for their own gainSpider websthe build them in particular placeswhere there are drafts movements of air so there is potential for foodthey may end up with things they dont like How do you cope with this contact infochemical from spiders when they inject their food caught in their webResponse of the tropical spiderreleasing unwanted toxic insects from their nests without even coming into contact with themto prevent poisoning themselvesand to prevent butterflies for eg to break the web decreasing the efficacy of the webspiders can distinguish bw the quality of the foodSpiders are liars toofemale bolas spiders have long legs with glue at the ends all the spiders that these females caught were male mothsbolas emit odours moth sex pheromone that attracts male moths for sexemit it when they are hunting and when they know male moths are aroundmoth caught in the beginning of the night is different from the moth caught in the end of the nightthe spider is a lying in more than one languageone sp is around early in the night another is around later in the nightwhat is this spider doing LISTENsp A catch sp A sp B catch sp B sp AB pheromonescatch species A but not B B does not like pheromone A but A DN CARE
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